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Josef Altin


Born and bred in the big smoke, he has been sought after for years as the new and improved crafty cockney. He's young, oozes a wonderful, streetwise charm and is as 'London' as jellied eels.

Tomb Raider (Bruce) GK Films
Child 44 (Alexander) RSA
Vendetta (Rob) Richwater Films
Top Boy (Lee) Netflix
Defending The Guilty (Lee) Big Talk
Les Miserables (Claquesous) BBC
A Long Way Down (Matty) Film4
Les Miserables (Cambrioleur) Working Title
Comes a Bright Day (Clegg) Ipso Facto Films
Misfits (Gary) Clerkenwell Films/E4
Game of Thrones (Pypar) HBO
Law and Order UK (Ray) Kudos Productions
Beautiful People II (Ricky) BBC
The Young Victoria (Edward Oxford) GK Films
Poppy Shakespeare (Zubin) Cowboy Films
God On Trial (Isaac) BBC Scotland
Boy A (First Boy) Cuba Pictures/Channel 4
Eastern Promises (Ekrem) Untitled Cronenburg Productions